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Example automation code - Classic VB/VBA

See also dotnet documentation for OyezForms functions

'create object and activate server with late-binding
'you must first run OyezForms once to register the application
'and make reference to the OyezFrms.tlb in your project space.

' see also the dotnet example for a greater list of commands

Dim oa As OyezAutomation
Set oa = CreateObject("OyezLegalForms.Application")

' load a new form
oa.NewForm "DIV_E"

' enter some text
oa.fillfield 2, "1213-567"
oa.fillfield 9, "Mr J. Smith"

‘ print the form (all pages)
oa.finishfilling 0 ' finalise form prior to printing

‘As "print" is a reserved VBA keyword, use WITH / END WITH in this environment.
with oa
    .print 1, oa.pages
end with

'read back the form name
B$ = oa.Form

'read contents of RO address field
oa.fillat 1, 15
c$ = oa.Field

' save to root directory
q ="c:\myoatest.olf")

' set the box for user filling
oa.fillat 1, 120

' close down Oyezforms