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Using DDE for reviewing forms in DMS

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Using the DDE Interface

Application: OYEZFORM

OyezForms (from V8.04M+) contains a DDE topic that permits opening and printing previously saved forms, either by supplying a full path name for the stored file (.olf) or by supplying an ODMA 2.0 style document ID.

Interface commands

The DDE link supports the following execute commands, which should conform to the normal execute syntax.





<filename> The full pathname to the stored form. UNC path names may be specified. Alternatively the name may be an ID for an ODMA 2.0 compliant DMS and as such must begin “::ODMA”.

Opens a stored form


<filename> The full pathname to the stored form. UNC path names may be specified.

<KeepOpen> An integer indicating the action required when printing is complete. A 0 causes OyezForms to close. A 1 leaves OyezForms running.

Prints all pages of a stored form to the default printer with default settings.

If the parameters handed to the above commandscontain backslash characters (this is the case in FileSite/WorkSite), these should be doubled up or select TOOLS>OPTIONS>ADVANCED "Do not treat '\' as an escape ..." . This setting is stored in the registry as follows:

Key: HKCU\Software\Oyez\Oyez Legal Forms\ODMA
String value: NoEscapeInDDEExecute 1: OyezForms will not treat \ characters as escape in DDE commands (req. for WorkSite, FileSite)
0, absent: OyezForms will treat \ as an escape character in DDE calls.