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Integrating with iManage FileSite/WorkSite/DeskSite

OyezForms integrates with iManage software via the ODMA standard. FILE>OPEN, FILE>SAVE, FILE>SAVE AS events are captured and the iManage browse dialogue displayed. Saved forms can also be discovered and launched directly from iManage interfaces in applications such as Outlook.

Server-side configuration

In the WORKSITE DATABASES>(You server)>APPLICATION (EG WORD) node of the management tree create an instance of OyezForms as follows. If you do not use OYEZ as your alias, then you should substitute your choice of name in all subsequent examples.

In the WORKSITE DATABASES>(You server)>APP SETUP node of the management tree, configure OyezForms as follows. Note: the OYEZ value is a reference to the 'Alias' value set in the edit app dialogue, above.

See using DDE for reviewing forms in DMS for more details.


Client-side configuration

We strongly recommend running OyezForms version 10.02R+ with iManage products.

  1. The odma32.dll file
  2. Configuring OyezForms
  3. The registry
  4. The nrt.ini file

The odma32.dll file

You will need to ensure the ODMA-intermediary ODMA32.dll is present in your windows\system folder. OyezForms will check for this on launch. Oyez do not supply this file with the program install.

Download odma32.dll


Configuring OyezForms

The OyezForms TOOLS>OPTIONS>ODMA dialogue:

OyezForms offers a logging facility for trouble-shooting. You can also disable odma awareness. Note departure from the odma standard in later versions of iManage.


The registry

If you are running FileSite, the following iManage registry setting is relevant. Note: you are responsible for your management of iManage settings. Oyez recommend you consult the relevant documentation when changing any iManage registry settings.

Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Interwoven\Worksite\8.0\Integration]

Value: 3
If set to 3, Outlook will launch if not already running, preparing the DMS environment if you are running FileSite. (0 assumes DeskSite application is installed)

The following registry settings directly control OyezForms' behaviour. These correspond to the ODMA dialogue, above.

Key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\OyezLegalForms.Application\ODMA32
String value: DefaultDMS

Instructs OyezForms to look for WorkSite/Filesite during ODMA transactions

Key: HKCU\Software\Oyez\Oyez Legal Forms\ODMA
String value: NoEscapeInDDEExecute

1: OyezForms will not treat \ characters as escape in DDE commands
This is required in order for WorkSite, FileSite to retrieve checked-in forms.
Default value as of 10.01L
This can manually be set in TOOLS>OPTIONS>ADVANCED or ODMA (): 'Do not treat '\' as an escape'
Failure to set this can result in issues triggering saved files from iManage MSOffice plugins.

String value: SpecificDMS

0: Pure ODMA compliance
1: Variation to satisfy iManage client 8.5 SP3 Update 6 or greater.
Use value '1' to avoid crashes when 'Saving As' into SP3 update 6 in FileSite. Otherwise use '0'.

String value: SkipSavePrompt

0: OyezForms produces normal Save Prompts when closing an altered form
1: Save Prompts suppressed
Use value '1' to by-pass any OyezForms prompts when closing a modified form and go straight to FileSite Dialogue.

The iManage client 9.3.5+ defaults to suppressing triggering of saved files from Outlook via DDE. This prevents OyezForms from receiving information on the document lifecycle and must be overridden.

Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Interwoven\WorkSite\Client\Integration\Options
and/or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Interwoven\WorkSite\8.0\Integration\Options
DWORD: EnableShellOpen

Setting value to 0 will allow DDE triggering of saved files. (1 suppresses this)

Auto text & iManage document ID

v10.01M+: If you are storing the document save path on forms (TOOLS>OPTIONS>AUTOTEXT), and wish to truncate the default path of #<docID and revision> <location> <user inputted description> to <docID and revision>, set the following registry key:

Key: HKCU\Software\Oyez\Oyez Legal Forms\Autotext
String value: ODMAMode

0, absent: OyezForms does not treat the saved document path
2: OyezForms stores only the <docID and revision> portion of the path.

String value: Enable

1: Auto-text feature enabled.
0, absent: OyezForms does not auto-fill form's docID or file path to forms.


The nrt.ini file

3. The iManage nrt.ini file on your client PCs will need to specify application type associations for default checking-in to the system:

  • .OLF/OyezLegalForm=OYEZ

If you wish to offer users the option to save locally, you should also add the following entires to the rnt.ini :


In the above example, [OYEZLEGALFORMS] is a constant. It references the identity OyezFrms.exe declares to the ODMA layer. OYEZ refers to the alias/type reference setup in the separate FileSite 'Edit Application' dialogue, above. This value may change according to your naming conventions.

Possible Issues

Cancelling 'save-as options' dialogue in iManage

OyezForms v12.00D fixes a bug where cancelling the 'save-as options' dialogue from OyezForms leads to enforced Save-As for all subseqent Save actions. This survived restarting the OyezForms session.


Delay in triggering OyezForms application from Outlook

If you encounter a long delay before OyezForms appears when opening a form from Outlook, then check if you have previously cached an OyezForms 'app-setup' (integration settings) locally under Outlook>iManageTab>Options>Local Applications in Outlook. If the path to oyezfrms.exe here differs from that set up centrally on the iManage server, this may lead to a delay in launching oyezfrms.exe. Remove and see if the problem resolves.


Delay in opening saved form from Outlook

If you encounter a long delay when opening a form from the Outlook or other plug-in (ie via dde), then you should consider implementing the following registry value.

Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Interwoven\WorkSite\8.0\Integration\Options or
String value: ExcludeFileExtensionOLECheck

Add ",OLF" to any value already here. If there is no value, create "OLF". This is a list of file exclusions from iManage's OLE-link checking within documents.

See iManage KB article.


Creating an iManage Client debug log

Create the following registry values and restart your iManage client. (64-bit systems)

Key: Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Interwoven\WorkSite\Client\Integration\Options
and/or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Interwoven\WorkSite\8.0\Integration\Options
DWORD 'DebugLog'

Value: 1

String 'DebugLogPath'

Value: c:\temp\iMClientLog.txt (Output path of log file - user rights required.)