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Prototype OyezForms Client for Cloud-based software

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This page documents a prototype OyezForms client for saving into a cloud-based case or document management system (CBS). The intention is to provide a base for further adaption, and to limit the amount of client-side development required. Contact support for further input.

An .osf file is an xml-based instruction set associated with a locally installed exe (oyezcc.exe). The .olf file format is the proprietry OyezForms document format.

Functionality covered

Creating new form, prefilling case data to form fields.

  1. CBS generates an xml-based OyezForms instruction file with .osf extension, and streams it to browser.
  2. On client PC, extension is associated with an installed exe which parses the xml.
  3. Actions performed by exe :
    - New form creation
    - Case-data-to-field merger
    - Storage of CBS document-context info in form file
    - Saving form to local temp path.

User editing, and saving back into cloud software.

  1. Users edits, saving frequently to local file location.
  2. On Application_CloseOLF event, xml is sent to CBS URL via http POST.
  3. Xml contains:
    - base64 encoding of the olf file
    - document context info
  4. CBS reverses base64 encoding and stores .olf against supplied document context. Sends confirmation to client.

Opening existing form from cloud software.

  1. Users clicks on link to .olf file in CBS-generated web page.
  2. .olf extension is associatiated with OyezForms on client PC.
  3. OyezForms opens .olf and reads stored document context info, ready for editing cycle, above.

Sending form title, and field structure to cloud software for use in mapping creation.

  1. Users clicks on customised menu option in OyezForms.
  2. Application_CustomAction event generates xml,which is sent to CBS URL via http POST.
  3. CBS parses xml to store list of field labels and Page+ID numbers against form title. Sends confirmation to client.
  4. ( CBS subsequently uses this data to offer data-mapping interface to users. Mappings produced are then used to generate .osf instruction files, above. )

Functionality not covered

Checking-in locally-created ad-hoc forms to CBS.

  1. This would require detailed knowledge of CBS data structure in order to offer a user interface to profile .olf under case/client etc.
  2. Creating a consistent UI experience is best achieved by the CBS provider.

'Deep Security'.

  1. The code examples offer a simple macro-embedded password transmitted across https.

To set up

  1. Install Oyez Cloud Client msi
    - Delivers OyezCC.exe
    - Associates .osf extension with OyezCC.exe
    - Registers OyezCCcom.dll for COM automation
  2. Paste this configuration into your \oyezfrms.cfg file to create a custom menu item (mapping targets upload).
  3. Paste this application-level macro via ADMIN>MACROS. (see application-level macros)
  4. Desirable: configure your browser to use OS associations to auto-run .osf & .olf files.

Without further configuration, you can add follow a single form's life-cycle via the two links in 'Live Demo', below (create/open). To configure for your system, alter the constants at the top of the macro.

Live demo

Trigger New_LRTR1.osf

  1. Click link to download and trigger newform creation on client PC
  2. (MIME type must be set for server to serve .osf / .olf files)

Open stored olf file.

  1. Click link to see edited uploaded .olf form. Each subsequent editing and re-upload overwrites this.


The app-level macro used

The ribbon bar customisation

View the .osf files xml content

View xml generated by OyezForms to describe field mapping targets

View xml generated by OyezForms to upload base-64 encoded .olf file.

View server-side code handling olf upload

Download zipped source code for oyezcc.exe and oyezcccom.dll (c#)