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OyezForms Version 10 - what you need to know


OyezForms Version 10 (OFv10) is now available.

OFv10 allows more expandable forms to be supported than under OyezForms Version 9 (OFv9). To achieve this, a new template format (.LFN) has been created. OFv10 will save forms created from this template format (only) as .olfx files.

OyezForms also gains a new interface style, an improved library search facility, and other enhancements.

We are keen to receive feedback from Case management providers. Email, or call support on 08450 17 55 17.

Program compatibility behavior

Standard forms are backwardly and forwardly compatible. Expandable forms are neither.

OFv9 will be able to open .olf files created in OFv10 from standard .LFM templates.

OFv10 will be able to open .olf files created in OFv9 from standard .LFM templates.

OFv9 will not be able to open expandable .olfx files saved by OFv10 from .LFN templates.

OFv10 will not be able to open expandable .olf files of saved OFv9 .LFM templates.

  • Workaround: when encountering a saved OFv9 flexi-form, OFv10 will offer to trigger a copy OFv9 to view it. OFv9 will not subsequently become the default automation server.
  • OFv10 will return false from a .load() command targeting an OFv9 expandable .olf file.
  • OFv9 expandable forms were created using a now non-compatible Microsoft technology.
  • Form names with '-Flexi' denote an OFv9 expandable template, '_Flexi' an OFv10.
  • All OFv9 expandable form .olf files begin with the following seven character values: $FLEXI$.

OFv9 will not import .LFN templates. This is by design. Active Library will automatically manage separate libraries for OFv9 and OFv10, hiding non-compatible form templates.

OFv10 forms created from LFN templates will be saved as .olfx files. Developers can still specify an .olf extension with the .store() command, and the form will subsequently open, but this is not recommended.

Program automation behavior

OFv10 will continue to be automated in the same manner. All existing commands are supported. If your customer upgrades to OFv10 from OFv9, you should not see any change in program behavior under automation.

The OFv9 executable will continue to be supplied in the application folder with filename OyezV9.exe. It can be run independently of the OFv10 executable for reviewing OFv9 flexi-form .olf files. If run, OFv9 will detect the presence of OFv10 and will not become the default automation server.