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Word templates managed by OyezForms

Oyez supply Word templates in .dot format via Active Library. Users need to run version10.00L+ and also subscribe to the Word template offering. Users can launch templates from the FILE>NEW dialogue, where they appear with a _Word suffix to the form title, and a 'W' icon. Click here for a list of available Word templates.

Oyez's intention is to keep the initial functionality offered within the templates as simple as possible; each form will be editorially 'accurate', but offered 'as is'. Oyez may add features in response to demand, and welcome input from Case-management providers, who should email

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Triggering Word templates - v10.00x+

With OyezForms v10.00x+, we recommend selecting TOOLS>OPTIONS>WORD TEMPLATES: Launch Word using: File Associations (radio button option)

You can also customise the trigger commands that OyezForms uses to launch Word via TOOLS>OPTIONS>TEMPLATES.

See also: .

Values are stored in the registry as follows:

Key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Oyez\Oyez Legal Forms\WordTemplate
String value: UseCommands 2 = use file associations, 1 = use specified commands, 0 = use both
String value: LaunchCommand Command to launch Word with a template (File>New equivalent)
String value: LaunchFileCommand Command to launch Word with a file (File>Open equivalent)


Prefilling data into Word Templates

Oyez supply Word templates in .dot format, with named bookmarks to act as a data-fill target. OyezForms Word Templates cannot be filled via the OyezForms api. You will need to use Word's object library directly.

There are two options for dealing with Oyez Word templates: creating a mirror folder for subsequent manual importing; or retrieving the .dot path in the OyezForms \library\master\ folder from the OyezForms api. These options are discussed below.


Making a mirror folder of Word templates

When Active Library synchornises with Oyez's servers, you can use an application-level sax-basic script to generate a mirror folder with renamed templates for easy manual handling. Click here for script and full details. Oyez anticipate this will allow users to import templates into case-management software for data mapping. Titles will need to be re-imported as they change.

Retrieving path to template in OyezForms

Once imported, the .dot files will be located in the <application folder>\library\master\ folder. To allow for versioning, template naming follows the OyezForms alpha-numeric naming convention for .LFN (v10 flexi) templates. This results in files that opaquely named to casual inspection. Two options exist for external programs to retrieve a template's full path from its legal title:

1. Retrieve the path from OyezForms via COM interface

OyezForms 10.00L+ has a .pathtotemplate() command that takes the form title as a parameter. e.g.: .pathtotemplate("LRTR1_Word") might return "g:\oyezforms\library\master\". Non-Word templates return an empty string.

To retrieve a specific version of a template use .gettemplatepath(). This takes parameters for formID, categoryID and revision date.

2. Query the masterlibr.mdb

Word templates are recorded in the mastlibr.mdb by a value of exactly -2 in the <pages> field, and the suffix of _Word in the <formname> field. A list of word forms could be retrieved by modifying queries with WHERE pages = -2. The full template path can be constructed from the <path> field if you know the application folder location. The program path can be retrieved separately from OyezForms by .executablepath(). See also: retrieving a list of available forms.