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EFIS 9, March 2002 : Civil Procedure

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The Civil Procedure (Amendment No. 4) Rules 2001 will introduce new Parts 70, 71, 72 and 73 of the Civil Procedure Rules from 25th March as a result of the Lord Chancellor's Enforcement Review. Practitioners should study the transitional provisions in these Rules.

N8 and N15 are the amended Arbitration Act Claim Form and Acknowledgment of Service Form which replace your existing versions of forms HCNO8A and HCNO15A from 25th March.

N316 replaces the current version of N316 on your system and also High Court Form HCPF98 which will become obsolete after 25th March.

N316A is a new form, which is similar to N316 but should be issued to compel an officer of a company, which owes money to attend court for questioning.

N322A replaces your current version of this form on your system but also N322H, which you should delete after 25th March.

N342 is an amended version of the current form.

N349 not only replaces your current version of this form but also High Court HCPF100 which becomes obsolete from 25th March.

N379 and N380 are both new forms for use in both the County Court and High Court.

N446 amends the current version of this form on your system.

EX140 records the evidence of an individual debtor whilst EX141 records similar evidence provided by an officer of a debtor company.

Due to these CPR changes, certain High & County Court forms will become obsolete on or after 25th March. Practitioners may wish to delete these forms from their system.

Unconnected to the aforementioned changes to the Civil Procedure Rules, the Court Service have advised us of amendments to the notes which accompany N1. The updated version of N1 containing amended notes N1C and N1(FD) is enclosed.

Separate amendments have been made to N256 and N256(HC) which are also available. They are unrelated to the changes to the Civil Procedure Rules.

Finally, please note that Chepstow and Monmouth County Courts will be closed as of 1st April 2002. In order to keep your systems up to date, please download our copy of the Court Service Database (CPR.MDB) from the Support section of the web site and extract/copy into the path as displayed in: Tools>Options>Database.

Forms affected

N322H Request to register a High Court Judgment or Order for Enforcement Withdrawn
HCPF100 Evidence in support of Garnishee Order Withdrawn
HCNO72 Garnishee Order to Show Cause (Schedule 1 - RSC O.49 rr 1,2 and 3) Withdrawn
HCNO73 Garnishee Order Absolute Where Garnishee Owes More Than Judgment Debt (Schedule 1 - RSC O.49 rr. 1, 4 and 5)" Withdrawn
HCNO8A Claim Form Arbitration Application Withdrawn
HCNO15A Acknowledgement of Service of Arbitration Claim Form Withdrawn
HCNO74 Garnishee order absolute where Garnishee owes less than judgement debt (Schedule 1 - RSC O.49rr. 1, 4 and 5 Withdrawn
HCNO75 Charging Order to Show Cause (Schedule 1 RSC O.50rr 1, 2 and 4) Withdrawn
HCNO76 Changing Order Absolute (Schedule 1 - RSC O.50 rr 3&4) Withdrawn
HCPF98 Evidence in Support of Application for Order for Examination of Judgment Debtor or Officer (Schedule 1 - RSC O.48) Withdrawn
HCPF99 Order for Examination of Judgment Debtor or Officer (Schedule 1 - RSC O.48 r.1) Withdrawn
N1 Claim form (CPR Part 7) New/Amended
N117 General Form of Undertaking New/Amended
N9 Response Pack New/Amended
N16 General Form of Injunction for Interlocutory Application New/Amended
N20 Witness Summons New/Amended
N21 Order of Deponent (Before the Hearing) New/Amended
N30 Judgment for Claimant (in Default) New/Amended
N30(HC) Judgment for Claimant (in Default)(High Court) New/Amended
N30(1) Judgment for claimant (Acceptance) County Court New/Amended
N30(1)HC Judgment for Claimant (Acceptance)(High Court) New/Amended
N138 Form of Injunction (Protection from Harassment Act 1997 New/Amended
N210 Acknowledgment of Service (Part 8 Claim) New/Amended
N211 Claim Form (CPR Part 20) New/Amended
N213 Acknowledgment of Service New/Amended
N225 Request for Judgment and reply to Admission (specified amount) New/Amended
N227 Request for Judgment by Default (amount to be decided by the court) New/Amended
N235 Certification of Suitablity of Litigation Friend New/Amended
N244(4pg Application Notice New/Amended
N252 Notice of Commencement of Assessment of Bill Costs New/Amended
N253 Notice of Amount Allowed Provisional Assessment (Legal Aid Only)" New/Amended
N254 Request for a Default Costs Certificate New/Amended
N255 Default Costs Certificate New/Amended
N255(HC) Default Costs Certificate (High Court) New/Amended
N256 Final Cost Certificate New/Amended
N256(HC) Final Cost Certificate New/Amended
N257 Interim Cost Certificate New/Amended
N258 Request for Detailed Assessment Hearing (non-legal aid) New/Amended
N279 Notice of Discontinuance New/Amended
N292 Order on settlement on behalf of child or patient New/Amended
N294 Claimant's Application for a Variation Order New/Amended
N316 Application for Order that Debtor Attend Court for Questioning New/Amended
N322A Application to enforce an award New/Amended
N342 Request for Judgment Summons New/Amended
N349 Application for Third Party Debt Order New/Amended
N434 Notice of Change of Solicitor New/Amended
N446 Request for Reissue of Enforcement or an order to obtain information form judgment debtor (not warrant) New/Amended
N208 Claim form (CPR Part 8) New/Amended
N266 Notice to Admit Facts New/Amended
N268 Notice to Prove Documents at Trial New/Amended
EX140 Record of Examination New/Amended
EX141 Record of Examination (Officer of Company or Corporation New/Amended
N379 Application for Charging Order on Land or Property New/Amended
N380 Application for charging order on securities New/Amended
N316A Application for order that officer of debtor company New/Amended
N15 Acknowledgement of Service (Arbitration Claim) New/Amended
N208(NC) Claim Form (CPR Part 8 - No substantial dispute of facts) New/Amended
N8 Claim Form (Abitration) including notes N8A and N8B New/Amended
N258A Request for Detailed Assessment (Legal aid/ Legal Services Commission only)" New/Amended
N251 Notice of Funding of Case or Claim New/Amended
N258B Request for detailed assessment (Costs payable out of a fund other than the Community Legal Service Fund) New/Amended
N258C Request for detailed assessment hearing pursuant to an order under Part III of the Solicitors Act 1974 New/Amended
N244(2pg Application Notice New/Amended

Crown copyright forms are reproduced with the permission of the Controller of the Stationery Office. Law Society forms are reproduced with the permission of the Law Society. Legal Aid Forms are produced with the permission of the LSC.