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EFIS 44, September 2004 : Divorce

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September 2004

DIV8 - Statement of Arrangements for Children
EX160 - Application for Fee Exemption or Remission
EX160(N) - Notes for EX160
The Family Proceedings Fees (Amendment) Order 2004 came into force on 31st August and increases the income threshold to £14,600 from the present limit of £14,213.

The Statutory Instrument stipulates that child tax credit need not necessarily be received by the party seeking exemption from court fees, provided that it is paid in respect of a joint claim made by the party and his or her spouse or partner.

The Court Service has made amendments to both EX160 form and accompanying notes in the light of these changes. Some minor text alignment amendments have also been made to the DIV8.

Please use these forms immediately.

Whilst writing we ask that you please delete the following forms from your system(s) should they appear, as we are no longer maintaining these forms:

DIV46 - Originating Application for Alteration of Maintenance Agreement during Parties' Lifetime
DIV47 - Originating Application for Alteration of Maintenance Agreement after Death of One of the Parties
DIV71 - Affidavit of Service (General Form) (High Court only)
DIV73 - Notice to Product at Trail (High Court only)
DIV78 - Praecipe of Writ of Fi Fa (High Court only)
DIV79 - Writ of Fi Fa (High Court only)
DIV91 - Originating Summons under s.1 of Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975 (High Court)
Deleting Forms - Version 8 (32Bit software for Windows 98/NT4/2000/XP)

2. Highlight obsolete forms DIV46, DIV47, DIV71, DIV73, DIV78, DIV79, DIV91 using the left mouse and press the Delete button on screen.
3. The software will pop-up two 'Are you Sure' messages, click Yes to both.
4. Finally, click Done button on screen.

Forms affected

DIV8 Statement as to Arrangements for Children New/Amended
EX160 Application for Fee Exemption or Remission New/Amended
EX160(N) Notes for EX160 New/Amended

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