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EFIS 74, December 2005 : Divorce

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The Family Proceedings (Amendment No.5) Rules 2005 will come into force on 5th December 2005 and make various amendments to the forms listed above to take account of the Civil Partnership Act 2004.

DIV6A is a new form for dissolving a Civil Partnership. DIV92A and DIV92B are new affidavit forms for use with a Civil Partnership. DIV119 is a new form which a pension scheme provider completes. This information is needed when applicants use DIV117 and DIV118.

Minor amendments have also been made to forms DIV1, DIV2 and DIV2-Flexi , which are available for your immediate use.

Forms affected

DIV92A Affidavit by Petitioner in Support of Petition for annulment under Section 12(g) of, or paragraph 11(1)(e) of Schedule 1 to, the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 or Section 50(1)(d) of the Civil Partnership Act 2004. (M7(f)) New/Amended
DIV92B Affidavit by Petitioner in Support of Petition under Section 44(5)(a), (b), (c) or (d) of the Civil Partnership Act 2004. (M7(g)) New/Amended
DIV2-Flexi Divorce Petition (Behaviour) New/Amended
DIV119 Pension Enquiry Form - Form P New/Amended
DIV6A Dissolution Petition - Form D508 New/Amended
DIV_Notes3 Dissolution Petition: Notes for Guidance New/Amended
DIV8 Statement of Arrangements for Children (M4) New/Amended
DIV48 Originating Summons under S.17 of the Married Women's Property Act 1982 [or Section 1 Matrimonial Homes Act 1983][or Section 66 of the Civil Partnership Act 2004] (M23) New/Amended
DIV93 Affidavit in Support of an Application to Dispense with Service of Petition or Respondent New/Amended
DIV117 Pension Attachment Annex under [section 25B or 25C of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973] [paragraph 25 or 26 of Schedule 5 to the Civil Partnership Act 2004] - Form P2 New/Amended
DIV100 Notice of Application for Decree Nisi to be made Absolute (M8) New/Amended
DIV109 Statement of Information for a Consent Order New/Amended
DIV110 Ex Parte Originating Summons New/Amended
DIVD151 Application for registration of a maintenance order in a magistrate's court. Rule 7.23(i)(ii) (Form M33 F.P.R.) New/Amended
DIV_A Notice of [Intention to Proceed with] an Application for Ancillary Relief New/Amended
DIV_B Notice of an Application under Rule 2.45 New/Amended
DIV118 Pension Sharing Annex under [section 24B of the Matrimonal Causes Act 1973][paragraph 15 of Schedule 5 to the Civil Partnership Act 2004] - Form P1 New/Amended
DIV_E Financial Statement New/Amended
DIV_F Notice of Allegation in Proceedings for Ancillary Relief New/Amended
DIV1 Divorce Petition (Adultery) New/Amended
DIV_C Notice of a First Appointment - [FORMC] New/Amended
DIV_D Notice of a Financial Dispute Resolution - [FORMD] New/Amended
DIV_G Notice of Response to First Appointment- [FORMG] New/Amended
DIV_I Notice of Request for Periodic Payments Order at Same Rate as Order for Maintenance Pending Suit or Outcome of Proceedings New/Amended
DIV2 Divorce Petition (Behaviour) New/Amended

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