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EFIS 25, March 2006 : Conveyancing

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The Land Registry has amended form LRDS2E so that the user(s) submitting the form to the Land Registry can specify details of the registered charge which the user is applying to be discharged.

The Land Registry has also added a warning note at the top of LRDS2E to emphasise that this form is not in itself sufficient evidence to discharge the registered charge.

LRDS2E is a variation of the statutory form LRDS2 which is used by lenders to submit an electronic notification of discharge to the Land Registry, using the LREND1 form.

A list of ENDs users can be found on Conveyancing practitioners should ensure that they only use LRDS2E on behalf of lenders who subscribe to the END system.

Certain provisions of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 will come into force on 1st April when the National Crime Squad and the National Criminal Intelligence Service will merge to form the Serious Organised Crime Agency.

The Land Registry has amended form LRCIT to reflect this new legislation.

Practitioners should use the amended edition of form LRCIT from 1st April. However, the Land Registry will accept the current edition of LRCIT until 1st July, except where the applicant is the Serious Organised Crime Agency.

Also, the Land Registry has notified us of a correction to the wording in panel 7 of LRCH1 which we have included for your convenience in this update.

Finally, form LRUN1 has had a field amendment and is available for your immediate use.

Forms affected

LRCH1 Legal charge of a registered estate New/Amended
LRCIT Application in connection with court proceedings, insolvency and tax liability New/Amended
LRUN1 Application to enter a unilateral notice New/Amended
LRDS2E Application to cancel entries relating to a registered charge New/Amended
LRCH1-Flexi Legal Charge of a registered estate New/Amended

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