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EFIS 66, November 2006 : Inheritance Tax / Inland Revenue

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The HMRC have amended SDLT6 and SDLT46. The SDLT46 (Appeal against Penalty Determinations) replaces the original SDLT46 and SDLT47, which were both withdrawn in April 2006. The new SDLT46 should be sent to Newcastle Stamp Office.

On an unrelated matter, please note that we have updated the macros on forms 64_8, IHT200, IHT200_WS, IHT205(2006), IHT207(2006), IHTC5(2006) and IHTC5(OUK)(2006).

All forms are available for your immediate use.

Forms affected

IHT200_WS Inheritance Tax Account Including worksheet New/Amended
SDLT6 How to complete your land transaction return - guidance notes on completing forms SDLT1, SDLT2, SDLT3 and SDLT4 New/Amended
SDLT46 Appeal against Penalty Determinations New/Amended
64_8 Authorising your agent New/Amended
IHT205(2006) Return of estate information New/Amended
IHT207(2006) Return of estate information (where deceased domiciled abroad) New/Amended
IHTC5(OUK)(2006) Return of estate information where deceased was domiciled abroad New/Amended
IHTC5(2006) Return of estate information New/Amended
IHT200 Inheritance Tax Account New/Amended

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