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EFIS 12, April 2008 : Legal Aid

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CLSAPP3, CLSAPP5 and CLSAPP8 have been reworded to improve clarity and reflect changes to the schemes for paying legal aid.

CLSCLAIM1A and accompanying Guidance has been revised to reflect changes to the assessment process whilst CLSMEANS1 and CLSMEANS3 have been updated to clarify information required in line with criteria for eligibility.

CWORK1 has been amended to clarify information required in line with eligibility guidance and CWORK 1_2_MH has been slightly amended from the version which we released on EFIS No. 2 in January.

CWORK2(IM) has been updated to include contract specification and forms CWORKS3A(IM), CWORKS3B(IM), CWORKS3C(IM) and CWORKS4 have been updated to improve processing.

EC_CLAIM1 has been divided into two new forms EC_CLAIM1(CIVIL) and EC_CLAIM1(CRIME) for civil and criminal cases. Therefore EC_CLAIM1 needs to be deleted from your system(s).

CMRF(TTF) has been amended in accordance with the introduction of new schemes for civil legal aid.

CDS14, CDS15, CDS16 and CDS17 have also been updated.

All forms can be used immediately.

This EFIS requires deletions. For deletion instructions, click here

Forms affected

EC_CLAIM1 Exceptional Case Claim Form Withdrawn
CWORK2(IM) Controlled Legal Representation (Immigration) New/Amended
TFF Tailored Fixed Fee - Annual Claim Adjustment Pack New/Amended
CDS14 Application for Legal Aid in Criminal Proceedings New/Amended
CDS15 Financial Statement for Legal Aid in Criminal Proceedings New/Amended
CWORK1 Legal Help, Help at Court and Family Help (Lower) New/Amended
CDS16 Legal Aid in Criminal Proceedings: Application for Review on the Grounds of Hardship New/Amended
CDS17 Legal Aid in Criminal Proceedings: Statement of Truth New/Amended
CLSCLAIM1A Claim for costs in fixed fee public law scheme New/Amended
CWORK3A(IM) Application for Extension of Upper Costs Limit - Controlled Work (Immigration) New/Amended
CWORK3B(IM) Application for Extension of Upper Costs Limit - Controlled Work (Immigration) New/Amended
CWORK4 Application for Review of Refusal or Withdrawal of Controlled Legal Representation New/Amended
CWORK3C(IM) Graduated Fee Scheme - Application for Extension of Disbursement Limit - Controlled Work (Immigration) New/Amended
CLSCLAIM1A(NOTES) Guide to the completion of the CLS Claim 1A New/Amended
CMRF(TFF) Tailored Fixed Fee Consolidated Matter Report Form New/Amended
MAG(NOTES) Magistrates Court Means Forms Guidance New/Amended
CWORK1_2_MH Legal Help and Controlled Legal Representation - Mental Health New/Amended
CLSAPP3 Application for Funding in Family Proceedings (Family Help (Higher) and Legal Representation in Family Proceedings) New/Amended
EC_CLAIM1(CRIME) Exceptional Case Claim Form - Crime New/Amended
EC_CLAIM1(CIVIL) Exceptional Case Claim Form - Civil New/Amended
CLSAPP5 Application for CLS funding certificate New/Amended
CLSAPP8 Application for Amendment or Prior Authority in Civil Cases Including Court Applications Arising From Criminal Proceedings New/Amended
CLSMEANS1 Financial Assessment Form New/Amended
CLSMEANS3 Means Assessment Form New/Amended

Crown copyright forms are reproduced with the permission of the Controller of the Stationery Office. Law Society forms are reproduced with the permission of the Law Society. Legal Aid Forms are produced with the permission of the LSC.