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EFIS 25, April 2013 : Civil Procedure

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The Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Young Offenders Act 2012 have changed the name of the Legal Services Commission to the Legal Aid Agency, on 1st April.

The Ministry of Justice has amended existing Civil Procedure forms to reflect this change but in addition has amended other forms to reflect changes in the Civil Procedure Rules.

In particular, N180 and N181 are two new forms which replace existing forms N149, N150 and N151 which the Ministry of Justice will phase out over a period of time.

N461 and N462 have been amended in relation to the Aarhus Convention.

N263 is a new form to disclose documents which will be relied upon in a civil litigation.

FORM H is a new form which firms must complete in relation to new rules concerning cost budgets.

Forms N260_Ext, N149, N150 and N151 has been withdrawn and will be deleted from your system(s).

All these new and amended forms can be used immediately.

Forms affected

N150_Flexi Allocation questionnaire Withdrawn
N150_Word Allocation questionnaire - word version Withdrawn
N149 Allocation questionnaire (Small claims track) Withdrawn
N260_Ext Statement of Costs (summary assessment) Extendible version Withdrawn
N150 Allocation Questionnaire Withdrawn
N151 Allocation questionnaire (amount to be decided by the court) Withdrawn
N9B Defence and Counterclaim (Specified amount) New/Amended
N6 Claim form for demotion of tenancy/suspension of right to buy" New/Amended
N461-Notes Guidance notes on completing the judicial review claim form New/Amended
FORM H Costs Budget of [Claimant][Defendant] New/Amended
N263 Disclosure report New/Amended
N180 Directions questionnaire (Small Claims Track) New/Amended
N181 Directions questionnaire (Fast track and Multi-track) New/Amended
N225A Notice of Part Admission (specified amount) New/Amended
N225 Request for judgment and reply to admission (specified amount) New/Amended
N244(4pg Application notice New/Amended
N258 Request for provisional/detailed assessment (general form) New/Amended
N5A Claim form for Relief Against Forfeiture New/Amended
N461 Judicial review claim form New/Amended
N462 Judicial Review - Acknowledgment of Service New/Amended
N161 Appellant's notice with Guidance Notes New/Amended
EX80A Legal Aid/ Legal Aid Agency assessment certificate New/Amended
N260 Statement of Costs (summary assessment) New/Amended
N244(2pg Application notice New/Amended

Crown copyright forms are reproduced with the permission of the Controller of the Stationery Office. Law Society forms are reproduced with the permission of the Law Society. Legal Aid Forms are produced with the permission of the LSC.