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EFIS 81, October 2013 : Immigration - Applications

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On Friday, 6th September, a written ministerial statement was laid in Parliament which outlined another series of amendments to the Immigration Rules.

This latest Statement of changes to the Immigration Rules (House of Commons command paper no. 628) can be viewed on the UK Border Agency's website at

These changes come into force on 1st October and introduce a variety of miscellaneous amendments to the existing Immigration Rules.

The UK Border Agency has amended the following Immigration forms to reflect these latest changes which are as follows: DL, EEA1, EEA2, EEA3, EEA4, FLR(BUS), FLR(M), FLR(O), FLR(P), NTL, TIER1(GENERAL), TIER1(GE) and TOC.

Transitional provisions under the Immigration Rules allow the existing versions of these Immigration forms to be used until 22nd October.

Although we will aim to supply you with the amended forms towards the end of this month, the extent of the amendments and the number of the forms which have changed poses a major challenge.

In addition, the UK Border Agency also plans to change the way applicants for indefinite leave to remain are required to prove their knowledge of the English language and Life in the UK from 28th October so we will keep you informed of any further developments.

Forms affected

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