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EFIS 16, February 2015 : Court of Protection

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Subscribers to this range are advised that we have withdrawn LPA115-C as we have been advised that a trust corporation cannot be appointed as either an attorney or replacement attorney for a lasting power or attorney which deals with health and welfare issues. This form will be removed from your library.

Whilst writing please find availabe forms LPA002, LPA114 and LPA117 which have received slight field amendments.

All forms can be used immediately.

Forms affected

LPA115-C Continuation sheet C - appointing a trust corporation as attorney or replacement attorney Deleted   [?]
LPA002 Application to register a Lasting Power of Attorney New/Amended
LPA117 Lasting power of attorney - property and financial affairs - [LPA PFA] [LPA PA] New/Amended
LPA114 Lasting Power of Attorney for health and welfare - [LPA HW] New/Amended

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