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EFIS 64, June 2016 : Conveyancing - Drainage and Water

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Working in conjunction with the Drainage and Water Searches Network (DWSN), the Law Society has agreed amendments with the DWSN to the CON29DW form which will enable conveyancers to advise their clients on the effect of new legislation, including the impact of water and waste water networks on property purchases.

The most significant changes to CON29DW are the inclusion of details on pumping stations, the impact of sustainable drainage systems (SUDs) on newly adopted sewerage works, the removal of data on water quality as this information will now be available from the water companies' websites and information regarding the hardness of water in the water company's area.

Although some members of the DWSN conducted a "soft" launch of these changes in May, the Law Society announced on 12th May that it would not become compulsory to use this latest version of CON29DW until 4th July.

Subscribers to this range should therefore continue to use the 2013 edition of CON29DW until 3rd July as the latest version of CON29DW should not be officially used until 4th July.

Forms affected

CON29DW Standard drainage and water enquiries (2016) New/Amended

Crown copyright forms are reproduced with the permission of the Controller of the Stationery Office. Law Society forms are reproduced with the permission of the Law Society. Legal Aid Forms are produced with the permission of the LSC.