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EFIS 30, March 2017 : Family Law

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The Ministry of Justice has amended forms FL401, FL401A, FL403, FL403A and FL415 to reflect the introduction of new procedures which the Family Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2017 on 6th April.

These Rules clarify that an individual applicant must not serve the application and/or order they are seeking protection from.

These forms have been amended to reflect this change and to make it clearer to litigants in person which form needs to be completed where a request for service by a court bailiff is sought.

Subscribers to this range should use the latest versions of these amended forms for applications completed on and after 6th April.

Forms FL402, FL402A, FL407A, FL416, FL418, FL422, FL430 and FL431 have received minor amendments, these forms can be used immediately.

For details of field amendments please go to:

Forms affected

FL401 Application for non-molestation order or occupation order Family Law Act 1996 (Part IV) - including Guidance Notes New/Amended
FL402A Notice of Proceedings Hearing Directions Appointment New/Amended
FL402 Notice of Proceedings [Hearing] [Directions Appointment] New/Amended
FL407A Application for a Warrant of Arrest New/Amended
FL430 Application for leave to apply for a Forced Marriage Protection Order New/Amended
FL403 Application to vary, extend or discharge an order in existing proceedings New/Amended
FL431 Application to be joined as, or cease to be a party to an Forced Marriage Protection Proceedings New/Amended
FL403A Application to vary, extend or discharge a forced marriage protection order New/Amended
FL415 Statement of Service New/Amended
FL416 Notice to Mortgagees and Landlords Family Law Act 1996 New/Amended
FL401a Application for a Forced Marriage Protection Order New/Amended
FL422 General Form of Undertaking New/Amended
FL418 Notice To Show Good Reason why an Order for Your Committal to Prison should not be made New/Amended

Crown copyright forms are reproduced with the permission of the Controller of the Stationery Office. Law Society forms are reproduced with the permission of the Law Society. Legal Aid Forms are produced with the permission of the LSC.