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EFIS 110, November 2017 : Insolvency (2017) Companies

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Pursuant to the information supplied to you on EFIS 108/2017, Oyez has amended the forms listed to reflect the introduction of the new Business Property Courts in England and Wales on 2nd October.

For more background information, please follow the link to:

We recommend using the latest versions of these revised forms immediately.

For details of field amendments please go to:

Forms affected

INR7_90 Making and Enforcement of the Call New/Amended
INR7_71 Notice Accompanying Final Account Prior to Dissolution (Section 146) New/Amended
INR7_67 Notice of Deceased Liquidator New/Amended
INR7_68 Loss of qualification as Insolvency Practitioner New/Amended
INR7_63 Decision of Creditors to Remove Liquidator New/Amended
INR7_62 Notice to Official Receiver of Intention to Vacate Office New/Amended
INR7_61 Liquidator's Resignation and/or Replacement - Deemed consent New/Amended
INR7_39 Termination of Appointment New/Amended
INR7_55 Invitation to Creditors/Contributories to Form a Liquidation Committee New/Amended
INR7_23 Petition Dismissed New/Amended
INR7_19 Notice of Adjournment New/Amended
INR7_53 Appointment of Liquidator by Creditor or Contributories New/Amended
INR7_36 Notice Of Appointment Of Provisional Liquidator New/Amended
INR3_67 Notice of Deceased Administrator New/Amended
INR3_64 Notice of Resignation New/Amended
INR3_63 Notice of Intention to Resign New/Amended
INR3_56 Notice of End of Administration New/Amended
INR3_39 Invitation To Creditors To Form A Creditors' Commitee New/Amended
INR3_55 Notice of Automatic End of Administration New/Amended
INR3_30 Statement of Affairs New/Amended
INR3_31 Statement of Affairs: Statement of Concurrence New/Amended
INR3_29 Notice Requiring Statement of Affairs New/Amended
INR3_24 Notice of Appointment of an Administrator by [The Directors of] a Company (Where a Notice of Intention to Appoint Has Been Given) New/Amended
INR3_25 Notice of Appointment of an Administrator by [The Directors of] a Company (Where a Notice of Intention to Appoint Has Not Been Given) New/Amended
INR3_2 Proposed Administrator Statement and Consent to Act New/Amended
INR3_16 Notice of Intention to Appoint an Administrator by Holder of Qualifying Floating Charge New/Amended
INR3_17 Notice of Appointment of an Administrator by holder of a Qualifying Floating Charge New/Amended
INR3_21 Notice of Appointment of an Administration by Holder of a Qualfying Floating Charge New/Amended
INR2_29 Creditors Approval of Modified Proposal Decision Procedure New/Amended
INR2_25(2) Consideration of Proposal Decision Procedure New/Amended
INR2_25 Consideration of Proposal Decision Procedure New/Amended
INR2_23 Notice of Appointment of Replacement Nominee New/Amended
INR2_22(2) Notice of Intention to Apply for Replacement of the Nominee New/Amended
INR2_22(1) Notice of Intended Application to Replace the Nominee New/Amended
INR2_21 Withdrawal of Nominee's Consent to Act New/Amended
INR2_19(3) Notice of End of a Moratorium New/Amended
INR2_17 Notice of Decision Extending or Further Extending a Moratorium New/Amended
INR2_16 Notice of Continuation of a Moratorium Where Physical Meeting of Creditors is Summoned New/Amended
INR2_15(4) Notice of the Coming into Force of a Moratorium New/Amended
INR2_44 Notice of Termination or Full Implementation of Company Voluntary Arrangement New/Amended
INR19_2(a)(i) Notice of Disclaimer Under Section 178 of the Insolvency Act 1986 New/Amended
INR14_10 Withdrawal of Proof New/Amended
INR14_15(3)(b) Secured Creditor: Value of Security New/Amended
INR14_17 Secured Creditor: Redemption by Office Holder New/Amended
INR14_29 Individual Notices to Creditors of Intended Dividend or Distribution New/Amended
INR14_35 Notice of Declaration of a Dividend New/Amended
INR17_5(5) Establishment of Committees New/Amended
INR17_7 Notice of Change of Membership of a Committee New/Amended
INR17_13 Cessation of Liquidation Committee in a Winding Up When Creditors are Paid in Full New/Amended
INR17_20(8) Procedure for Request That a Place for a Meeting Should be Specified New/Amended
INR17_21(3) Procedure for Request that a place for a Meeting should be Specified New/Amended
INR17_22 Notice Requiring Office Holder to Attend the Creditors' Committee (Administration and Administrative Receivership) (Paragraph 57(3)(a) of Schedule B1 and Section 49(2)) New/Amended
INR17_29 Continuation of a Creditors Committee New/Amended

Crown copyright forms are reproduced with the permission of the Controller of the Stationery Office. Law Society forms are reproduced with the permission of the Law Society. Legal Aid Forms are produced with the permission of the LSC.