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EFIS 111, November 2017 : Insolvency (2017) Bankruptcy

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Pursuant to the information supplied to you on EFIS 109/2017, Oyez has amended the headings in the titles of the above forms to reflect the introduction of the Business and Property Courts of England and Wales on 2nd October.

For more detailed information regarding the jurisdiction of the new Business and Property Courts, please click on the link below to:-

We recommend using the latest versions of these updated forms immediately.

Forms affected

INR19_2(a)(ii) Notice of Disclaimer Under Section 315 of the Insolvency Act 1986 New/Amended
INR10_68 Certification of Appointment New/Amended
INR10_76 Invitation to Creditors to Form a Creditors' Committee New/Amended
INR10_77 Trustee's Resignation and/or Replacement (Section 298(7)) New/Amended
INR10_78 Decision of Creditors to Remove Trustee (Section 298(1)) New/Amended
INR10_84 Notice of Deceased Trustee New/Amended
INR10_85 Loss of Qualification as Insolvency Practitioner (Section 298(6)) New/Amended
INR10_87 Vacation of Office on Completion of Bankruptcy (Sections 298(8) ans 331) New/Amended
INR10_89 Notice to Official Receiver of Intention to Vacate Office New/Amended
INR17_5(5)(BANK) Establishment of Committees New/Amended
INR17_7(BANK) Notice of Change of Membership of a Committee New/Amended
INR17_20(8)(BANK) Procedure for Request That a Place for a Meeting Should be Specified New/Amended
INR17_21(3)(BANK) Procedure for Request that a place for a Meeting should be Specified New/Amended
INR14_10(BANK) Withdrawal of Proof New/Amended
INR14_15(3)(b)(BANK) Secured Creditor: Value of Security New/Amended
INR14_17(BANK) Secured Creditor: Redemption by Office Holder New/Amended
INR14_29(BANK) Individual Notices to Creditors of Intended Dividend or Distribution New/Amended
INR14_35(BANK) Notice of Declaration of a Dividend New/Amended

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