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Form E


Introducing the Form E

Our intelligent Form-E was developed specifically to reduce the time and frustration associated with completing this form and it offers an invaluable set of intuitive tools for any matrimonial professional.

Provided in familiar, easy-to-use Word Format, this form offers a range of convenient, time-saving features:

Form E Features

Instant Navigation: It's effortless to move directly between Form-E Sections and Subsections 1 to 5 to prepare and update the asset values.

Duplication: Allows you to duplicate sections to incorporate all relevant information sequentially and repaginates automatically, multiple Pensions and other multiple asset types are no issue.

Flexible Tables: Instantly insert or delete rows or clear an entire table and automatic calculations continue without disruption.

Automatic Calculations: When sections are completed the Summary (A to L) is compiled automatically. When updated with changes to asset values, the form instantly recalculates all values.

Income Needs 3.1.1 and 3.1.2: Merge Standard, High Net Worth or your own customised personalised income needs instantly; choose from a prescribed list of income needs or customise several versions and extract and store them for regular on-going use.

Schedule of Assets: A 1-click function instantly creates a completed Schedule of Assets in appropriate Excel format.

Fast and Easy Collaboration: The Oyez Form-E can be shared by creating a 1-click PDF or safely sent, in a secured Word version, to other parties for editing or approval, track changes so you can be aware and confident of any amendments or changes that have been made to a document you have shared, minimising your risk.

Download a copy of a Form-E User Guide