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Last EFIS release: 109/2015 (December 2015)

Form status: Deleted

On EFIS No.39 in June, we supplied you with the new and amended LPA forms for use from 1st July.

On 25th June, the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) published guidance on their website concerning the use of the old and the new LPA forms.

In order to facilitate a smooth transition from the old to the new versions of these LPA forms, the OPG stated that practitioners could use either the old or the new forms from 1st July until 31st December 2015.

If any old LPA forms have been correctly completed, signed and dated by 31st December, the OPG will register them providing they have been made correctly.

If the old LPA forms have not been completed, signed and dated by 31st December 2015, the OPG will not register them on or after 1st January 2016.

The transitional provisions contained in regulations 17-19 of the Lasting Powers of Attorney, Enduring Powers of Attorney and Public Guardian (Amendment) Rules 2015 made it clear that only the new and amended LPA forms should be used on or after 1st January.

Oyez have therefore withdrawn LPA117 and LPA114 and the LP1F and LP1H forms should now be used instead.

LPA001 and LPA002 forms have also now been withdrawn because they were replaced by LP2 and LP3 forms on 1st July.

The old continuation sheets LPA115, LPA115-A1, LPA115-A2, LPA115-A3, LPA115-B, LPA115-C, LPA118, LPA118-A1, LPA118-A2, LPA118-A3, LPA118-B and LPA118-C have also now been withdrawn as continuation sheets LPC and LPC1-LPC4 should be used in conjunction with LP1F and LP1H on or after 1st January.

Because the existing LPA IS, LPA116 and LPA119 forms refer to the old LPA and were not replaced in July, these forms have now been withdrawn.

If any of the withdrawn forms need to be still used between now and 31st December 2015, they can be accessed by selecting Show All Revisions in the Oyezforms File>New forms menu.

Subscribers to this range are reminded that Oyez also offers a LPA workflow solution. More detailed information about this LPA workflow can be obtained by contacting our sales team at

Finally, both LP1F and LP1H have received a minor macro amendment and should be used immediately.

All EFIS releases

EFIS 109 - 2015 December 2015  Deleted
EFIS 32 - 2013 April 2013  New/Amended