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NM06 - Request to seek comments of government department or other specified body on change of name

Last EFIS release: 25/2011 (March 2011)

Form status: New/Amended

As a result of a change in fees on 6th April, Companies House has amended the wording on the fee section of AR01 and IN01 from this date.

Although Companies House will continue to accept existing versions of these two forms on or after 6th April, practitioners may prefer to use the latest versions of AR01 and IN01 for applications made after this date.

We have also included a new Companies House form, RP04, which can be used from 6th April to resubmit or amend information previously supplied to Companies House. This is a new process which will be known as ‘second filing’ but company law practitioners should note that RP04 will not appear in the Registrar’s Rules and so is not a statutory form as such.

Finally, please also find available forms AA01, AA02, AA03, AD02, AD03, AD04, AD05, AD06, AD07, AP02, AP03, AP04, AR01(CONT), CH01, CH02, CH03, CH04, IN01(CONT), NM01, NM02, NM03, NM04, NM05, NM06 and TM02 which have received stylist alterations. These forms can be used immediately.

All EFIS releases

EFIS 25 - 2011 March 2011  New/Amended
EFIS 28 - 2010 May 2010  New/Amended
EFIS 59 - 2009 September 2009  New/Amended