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LRAN1 - Application to enter an agreed notice

Last EFIS release: 58/2019 (June 2019)

Form status: New/Amended

HM Land Registry (HMLR) has amended its Land Charges forms K1-K20 to allow applicants to complete these forms with greater details of the fess which accompany these Land Charges applications.

In addition, HMLR has also amended the Land Registry forms LRAN1, LRCT1, LRRX1 and LRUN1 by adding a warning that anyone who makes an application on these forms without reasonable cause may be liable for damages to a third party who suffers loss as a result of such an unwarranted application.

Although HMLR will continue to accept existing versions of all these amended forms indefinitely, conveyancing practitioners may prefer to use the latest versions of these amended forms for applications submitted to HMLR on and after 1st July.

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