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Last EFIS release: 7/1999 ()

Form status: New/Amended


The forms listed below are new and amended forms which we have released on disk in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules 1998, which will come into force on 26th April.

The forms in Section A can be regarded as new forms whereas those in Section B are current forms which have been amended to comply with the new Rules.


N1 Claim Form under Part 7 (Plus N1A, N1C, N1CCA Notes) [N1]
N9 Acknowledgement of Service [N9]
N9A Form of Admission and Statement of Means to Accompany form N1 [N9A]
N9B Defence and Counterclaim (Specified Amount) [N9B]
N9C Admission (Unspecified Amount and Non-Money Claim) [N9C]
N9D Defence and Counterclaim (Unspecified Amount and Non-Money Claim) [N9D]
N20 Witness Summons [N20]
N21 Order for Examination of Deponent (Before the Hearing) [N21]
N30 Judgement for Claimant (in Default) [N30]
N30(HC) Judgement for Claimant (in Default in High Court) [N30(HC)]
N30(1) Judgement for Claimant (Acceptance) [N30(1)]
N30(1) (HC) Judgement for Claimant (Acceptance in High Court) [N30(1)(HC)
N150 Allocation Questionnaire [N150]
N170 Listing Questionnaire [N170]
N208 Claim Form under Part 8 (Plus N208A, N208C Notes) [N208]
N210 Acknowledgement of Service [N210]
N211 Claim Form (Additional Claims) [N211]
N213 Acknowledgement of Service under Part 20 [N213]
N215 Certificate of Service [N215]
N218 Notice of Service on a Partner [N218]
N225 Request for Judgement and Reply to Admission (Unspecified Amount) [N225]
N227 Request for Judgement by Default (Amount to be decided by the Court) [N227]
N235 Certificate of Suitability of Litigation Friend [N235]
N244 Application Notice [N244]
N252 Notice of Commencement of Assessment of Bill of Costs [N252]
N253 Notice of Amount Allowed on Provisional Assessment (Legal Aid Only) [N254]
N254 Request for a Default Costs Certificate [N254]
N255 Default Costs Certificate [N255]
N255(HC) Default Costs Certificate in High Court [N255(HC)]
N256 Final Costs Certificate [N256]
N256(HC) Final Costs Certificate in High Court [N256 (HC)]
N257 Interim Costs Certificate [N257]
N258 Request for Detailed Assessment Hearing [N258]
N265 List of Documents Standard Disclosure [N265]

N279 Notice of Discontinuance [N279]
N292 Order on Settlement on Behalf of Child or Patient [N292]
N294 Claimants Application for a Variation Order (Without the Hearing) [N294]


N5Possession Summons [[N5]
N5AApplication for Accelerated Possession Following Issue of a Notice under Section 8 of the Housing Act 1988 [N5A]
N5BApplication for Accelerated Possession Following Issue of a Notice under Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988 [N5B]
N6Possession Summons (Forfeiture and Right of Re-Entry) [N6]
N11AForm of Reply to Application for Accelerated Possession Following Issue of a Notice under Section 8 of the Housing Act 1988 [N11A]
N11BForm of Reply to Application for Accelerated Possession Following Issue of a Notice under Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988 [N11B]
N16General Form of Injunction for Interlocutory Application or Origination Application [N16]
N16AGeneral Form of Application for Injunction [N16A]
N92Request for Administration Order [N92]
N93List of Creditors Furnished under Attachment of Earnings Act 1971 [N93]
N110APower of Arrest Attached to an Injunction under s.152 or S153(1) of the Housing Act [N110A]
N119Particulars of Claim for Possession (Rented Property) [N119]
N120Particulars of Claim for Possession (Mortgaged Property) [N120]
N130Application for Possession Including Application for Interim Possession Order [N130]
N131Notice of Application for Interim Possession Order [N131]
N132Affidavit of Service of Notice for Application for Interim Possession Order [N132]
N133Affidavit to Occupier to Oppose the Making of an Interim Possession Order [N133]
N135Affidavit of Service of Interim Possession Order [N135]
N138Injunction Order (Protection from Harassment Act 1997) [N138]
N139Application for Warrant of Arrest [N139]
N220Request for Service of Possession Summons on Defendant’s Representative [N220]
N224Request for Service out of England and Wales through the Court [N224]
N285Affidavit (General) [N285]
N293ACombined Certificate of Judgement and Request for Writ of Fieri Facias [N293A]
N316Request for Order for Oral Examination [N316]
N322AApplication for an Order to Recover Money Awarded by a Tribunal [N322A]
N322HRequest to Register a High Court Judgement or Order for Enforcement [N322H]
N323Request for Issue of Warrant of Execution [N323]
N324Request for Warrant of Delivery of Goods [N324]
N325Request for Warrant of Possession of Land [N325]
N336Attachment of Earnings Index [N336]
N337Request for Attachment of Earnings Order [N337]
N342Request for Judgement Summons [N342]
N349Affidavit in Support of Application for Garnishee Order [N349]
N423Originating Application for Reasonable Financial Provision under Section 1 of the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 [N423]
N434Notice of Change of Solicitor [N434]
N445Request for Reissue of Warrant [N445]
N446Request for Reissue of Enforcement of Oral Examination (not Warrant) [N446]

New forms N242A, N242B and N243 have not yet been finalised by the Lord Chancellor’s Department and we are also awaiting confirmation of the changes to EX160 from the LCO. These forms will be released to you just as soon as the alterations have been settled.

As yet, proposed changes to the High Court forms are still being discussed by the relevant authorities. It is therefore unlikely that we will be able to supply you with these amended forms before the end of May. Practitioners should contact their local district registry of the High Court for guidance on the use of existing High Court forms used on or after 26th April.

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EFIS 7 - 1999   New/Amended