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Last EFIS release: 26/2000 ()

Form status: New/Amended

N1 -Claim Form under Part 7 [N1]
N5B-Application for Accelerated Possession Following Issue of a Notice under Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988 [N5B]
N11B-From of Reply to Application for Accelerated Possession Following Issue of A Notice under Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988 [N11B]
N16A-General Form of Application for Injunction [N16A]
N161-Appellant’s Notice with Guidance Notes [N161]
N162-Respondent’s Notice with Guidance Notes [N162]
N208-Claim Form under Part 8 [N208]
N461-Judicial Review Form [N461]
N462-Acknowledgment of Service of Judicial Review [N462]

The Court Service have amended the forms listed above to coincide with the implementation of the Human Rights Act 1998 on the 2nd October 2000. The old CPR forms N5A and N11A have been made obsolete and so should be deleted from your system after 2nd October. Please see instructions enclosed.

The Civil Procedure (Amendment No. 4) Rules 2000 set out the procedures to be followed in connection with CPR Part 54, proceedings which concern judicial review, revoking Order 53 of the Rules of the Supreme Court. N461 is the application for judicial review and N462 is the acknowledgment of service. Since the Civil Procedure (Amendment No. 4) Rules 2000 do not come into force until 2nd October, we suggest that you do not use either N461 or N462 before this date.

Although customers may want to load this disk onto their system(s), the amended forms should not be used until on or after 2nd October.

All EFIS releases

EFIS 26 - 2000   New/Amended
EFIS 7 - 1999   New/Amended