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EX141 - Record of Examination (Officer of Company or Corporation)

Last EFIS release: 98/2016 (November 2016)

Form status: New/Amended

Subscribers to this range are requested to use the latest versions of N161, N161A guidance notes and N162 which the Ministry of Justice has updated in accordance with changes which the Destinations of Appeals Order 2016 recently introduced, together with N460 and N460HC which have been added to the range, please note that forms N460 and N460HC should be presented to the judge for completion by him or her.

Forms APPHMR, EX140, EX141, EX550, HCPF13, HCPF172, HCNO109, N93, N163, N253, N268, N285, N294, N336, N342 and N446 have been amended so that they now have field labels.

EX160 has also been amended to provide a link on page 1 to the guidance notes.

N244_Expandable has received a minor amendment to an expandable field.

HCPF57 has received an amendment to the marginal notes and the macro has been amended on form 5144.

All forms can be used immediately.

For details of field amendments please go to:

All EFIS releases

EFIS 98 - 2016 November 2016  New/Amended
EFIS 14 - 2003 March 2003  New/Amended
EFIS 2 - 2003 January 2003  New/Amended
EFIS 9 - 2002 March 2002  New/Amended