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TA6 - Law Society Property Information Form (4th edition)

Last EFIS release: 5/2020 (February 2020)

Form status: New/Amended

The Law Society has updated TA6 and the accompanying guidance notes. Please review the updated guidance notes for all changes however The Law Society advices that changes to the Japanese knotweed question include:

• Highlighting that information ought to be provided to a buyer if the seller is aware that there is a treatment plan in place
• Rewording the introduction to better explain what knotweed is
• Largely replacing ‘eradication’ with ‘managing its regrowth’ given the nature of knotweed
• Guidance notes now refer to knotweed within 3 metres of a property rather than using the current 7 metres adopted by most surveyors which has come under criticism as being overly cautious and causing a significant number of properties to be otherwise ’blighted’

The form is available for immediate use.

For details of field amendments please go to:

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