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Probate Range

Title Description EFIS
CON41A Request by Executors or Administrator to be registered as a member of a company 58/2004
N2 Claim Form (Probate Claim) - Notes N2A and N2B 52/2014
N3 Acknowledgment of service (Probate claim) 49/2011
PA1 Probate application Form PA1 na
PA11 Power of attorney (Will) 108/2018
PA12 Power of attorney (Intestate) 108/2018
PA13 Lost Will questionnaire 108/2018
PA14 Medical Certificate 108/2018
PA15 Renunciation (Will) 108/2018
PA1A Probate application - without a will na
PA1P Probate Application - with a will na
PA1S Postal search of the Probate records of England and Wales 65/2019
PA7A Application form to withdraw a will and/or codicil from safekeeping 108/2018
PA8A Caveat 108/2018
PR208 Claim under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 na
PRO10 Power of Attorney to take Administration 43/2005
PRO21 Affidavit of attesting Witness in Proof of due Execution 49/2019
PRO24 Affidavit of Plight and Condition, and Finding 49/2019
PRO2A Directions for signing the accompanying Will or Codicil 9/2006
PRO2B Particulars required for obtaining grant of Probate or Administration where Deceased Died on or after 18 March 1986 9/2006
PRO30 Renunciation of Administration with the Will annexed 49/2019
PRO31 Renunciation of Administration 49/2019
PRO31A Renunciation of Probate 49/2019
PRO32 Warning to Caveator (Copy) 49/2019
PRO32B Appearance to Warning or Citation 49/2019
PRO32C Caveat 49/2019
PRO33 Notice of Non-Proving Executor 26/2007
PRO36 Trustees of a Settlement of Will 12/1999
PRO36A Personal Representative in 'London Gazette' 12/1999
PRO36B Personal Representative in (other than 'London Gazette', 'The Times', 'Daily Telegraph', 'The Guardian', 'Yorkshire Post' and 'Birmingham Post') 39/2001
PRO36C Statutory Advertisement for Claimants by Personal Representatives 43/2005
PRO37 Application for Standing Search 81/2014
PRO45 Request by Executors or Administrators to be Registered as Members of a Company 12/1999
PRO8A Nomination of Co-administrator - Minors 52/2014
PRO8B Nomination of Co-administrator by Person with Parental Responsibility. (Administration with the Will.) 52/2014
PROIR30 Certificate Under Finance Act 1894, Section 11(2), or Finance Act 1975, Schedule 4, Paragraph 25(2) 12/1999
PROIR31 Certificate of Non-Liability to Capital Transfer Tax (combined with land registry 61) 12/1999
PROPEP 2017 Probate Estate Provisions 85/2017
SOT1 Statement of Truth (Executors) 45/2019
SOT10 Statement of Truth (Administrators) (Person with Parental Responsibility and Nominee) 45/2019
SOT2 Statement of Truth (Executors) Trust Corporation 45/2019
SOT3 Statement of Truth of an Attorney of an Executor (Administration with Will annexed) 45/2019
SOT4 Statement of Truth (Administrators) 45/2019
SOT5 Statement of Truth (Attorney of Administrator) 45/2019
SOT6 Statement of Truth (Administrators with the Will) 45/2019
SOT7 Statement of Truth (Administrators de bonis non) 45/2019
SOT8 Statement of Truth (Administrators with the Will, de bonis non) 45/2019
SOT9 Statement of Truth (Double Probate) 45/2019


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