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Court Funds Office Range

Title Description EFIS
CFO_A Authority to access the Court Funds Office account 48/2015
CFO_FE1 Request for payment of funeral expenses 48/2015
CFO_IHT1 Request for payment of inheritance tax 48/2015
CFO_L Request for deposit (Court of Protection) 48/2015
CFO_P Payment request 48/2015
CFO_PB Payment request (Professional deputies only) 48/2015
CFO_PG Authority to pay gifts or make charitable donations 48/2015
CFO_R Regular payment request 48/2015
CFO_SLDG2 Deposit of securities into court 48/2015
CFO_SST1 Sale or transfer of securities 48/2015
CFO_WS Witness Statement 48/2015
CFO100 Request for Deposit 48/2015
CFO101 Deposit Schedule 48/2015
CFO102 Request for Deposit (Compulsory Purchase Act 1965) 48/2015
CFO103 Request for Deposit (Trustee Act 1925 with affidavit or witness statement) 48/2015
CFO105 Request for Deposit (Rentcharges Act 1977) 48/2015
CFO106 Request for deposit (Life Assurance Companies Act 1896) 48/2015
CFO200 Payment Schedule 48/2015
CFO201 Request for payment out of money in court to satisfy a Part 36 offer 48/2015
CFO202 Notice of consent for payment out of monies in court 48/2015
CFO205 Request for payment to payee's bank 48/2015
CFO207 Request for payment due to creditor 48/2015
CFO208 Request for payment due to security holder 48/2015
CFO209 Declaration proving representation 48/2015
CFO210 Declaration of Nearest of Kin 48/2015
CFO211 Transfer of a Fund 48/2015
CFO212 Request for Investment Decision 48/2015
CFO301 Declaration of Change of Name 48/2015
CFO320 Management of a Child's Fund (Pre-Investment Hearing) 48/2015
CFO320_PB Management of a Protected Beneficiary's Fund (where the award is £10,000 or more but less than £50,000, or where the Court of Protection has directed retention of the fund) (Pre-Investment hearing) 48/2015


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