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Personnel - Employee Administration Range

Title Description EFIS
FORM 102 PA Performance Appraisal 68/2015
FORM 108 PRU Personnel Record Update 76/2018
FORM 119 CETE Change of Employee Terms of Employment 6/2004
FORM 120 EI Exit Interview 109/2018
FORM 123 DWN Disciplinary Warning Notice 56/2010
FORM 125_1 Accident/Incident Report Form 109/2018
FORM 125_2 Accident/Incident Investigation Form 53/2013
FORM 200 PA Performance Appraisal (For Managerial and Senior Staff) 68/2015
FORM 211 STE Statement of Terms of Employment 76/2018
FORM 212 SMB Statutory Maternity Benefits Form 103/2015
FORM 214 GRF Grievance Record Form 103/2015
FORM 221 NOC Notification of Agreed Changes To Terms of Employment 6/2004
FORM 226 TQR Training and Qualifications Record 6/2004
FORM 229 SA Self Appraisal 6/2004
FORM 241 NWA Night Work Assessment 44/2002
FORM 301 FWA Expandable ble Working Application Form 76/2018
FORM 522231 Retirement Process Form 76/2018
FORM 619 RA DSE Workstation Risk Assessment Form 6/2004
FORM 620 ETR Eye and Eyesight Test Request Form 6/2004
FORM EPN Employee Privacy Notice 76/2018
FORM GDPR Privacy Statement (for inclusion in contract of employment) 76/2018
ORDER Waterlow Order Form 35/2007


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