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Controlling the OyezForms Library Path

(10.00f+): Where oyezfrms.exe has been rolled out to c:\program files (x86) on PCs in a network setting, you must ensure all users use the same networked library path. All users should have full permissions to this path.

This can be achieved by rolling-out registry settings as follows:

Registry values for controlling the Master Library path

Key: HKCU\Software\Oyez\Oyez Legal Forms\User
String value: LibraryPath p:\oyezforms\library\ (trailing backslash is important.
OyezForms will append 'master\' to the path specified)
String value: OyezDatabasePath p:\oyezforms\library\master\

Additionally, if you encounter performance issues reading templates across a LAN, caching options are available:

Form Template Caching (v10.00a+)

OyezForms can be configured to cache form templates 'on-demand' from a networked library locally via TOOLS>OPTIONS>CACHE. The path to the cache should be a local disk. We recommend keeping the default path.

Caching is 'revision aware'. When a form is revised, OyezForms will re-cache automatically.

Key: HKCU\Software\Oyez\Oyez Legal Forms\FormCache
String value: CacheEnabled 1 : OyezForms will cache form templates on first use
0, absent: OyezForms will not cache
String value: Folder Sets the folder OyezForms will store cached items in.
Should be a local path.

See also Controlling OyezForms via the registry. for details on rolling out / setting control registry keys.