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Configuring Your Practice Details

The Practice Details Dialogue

Values entered here will automatically fill into the relevant fields on any new form when it is created (Prefilling). By default, this data is stored in a licensee.mdb file in your library folder.



Multiple site/department details in v10.00f+

OyezForms 10.00f supports an enhanced licensee.mdb structure that allows multiple site/department details for an organisation without duplicating the database file itself.

The ADMIN>PRACTICE DETAILS dialogue offers a Site/Department selection area that enables you to create and edit multiple sets of practice details.

The TOOLS>OPTIONS>DATABASE: "Default Practice Details Site/Dept. " list allows a user to set the default pre-fill details that will appear on any new form.

Different site/department details can subsequently re-inserted by selecting INSERT>PRACTICE DETAILS... at any time.

The filter value for each user is stored in the registry and can be rolled out by network administrators see 'SiteID' in User paths section.

Earlier versions of OyezForms ( pre v10.00f )

If a user, or group of users, require(s) separate practice details a new path to the licensee.mdb can be specified under TOOLS>OPTIONS>DATABASES: 'Path to oyezform.mdb and other databases'. All other .mdb databases apart from the mastlibr.mdb, will need to be placed in the new location and maintained there.

An individual user can select TOOLS>OPTIONS>DATABASES: 'Use a personal copy of Licensee.mdb from user files folder', and OyezForms will create a licensee.mdb in the users path to unique files.