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Changes to eSDLT data submission for Mid-Feb 2018

HMRC have moved the target URL for SDLT submission software to:

  • ​

The URLs you are currently targetting via the SDLT_eSub Oyez form will be disabled on February 14th, 2018.

What you need to do

In order to target the new URLs, you will also need to :

  • Upgrade to OyezForms V12.00K+, or
  • Update the \esub\esub.dll component in OyezForms. You can do this by using this msi. You should target your core OyezForms application folder during installation, not the esub sub-folder. It is also posisble to simply overwrite the existing dll with this copy.

Once updated, open an SDLT_eSub form, and click on 'Configure e-submission engine', then 'Advanced'. 'Program version' should be '20180107'.

You will also need to ensure your firewall allows the above URLs to be reached.

A new SDLT_eSub form template

In late January, 2018 Oyez will release a new version of the SDLT_eSub form via Active Library. This template will check to ensure the new dll is in place. If it is not, a warning will be displayed and submission abandoned. Users can still save their work.

Additionally, the template will offer the option to briefly auto-poll the status of a submission. Four attempts are made every 8 - 15 seconds after the initial submission. This feature will default OFF.

You can use the new template before Oyez release it. Click here to download, then use ADMIN > IMPORT NEW FORMS to add to your library of forms.