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OyezForms iFilters

Oyez have developed iFilters for OyezForms file formats ( .olf and .olfx files).

iFilters enable Windows Search to index and retrieve saved forms by their user-inputted content ( e.g. by a client's surname, a matter number, a postcode etc). Microsoft technologies utilising iFilters include: Microsoft Search Server 2008, Windows Desktop Search, SharePoint, and SQL Server (full-text search).

By default the iFilters are not registered.


Installing iFilters locally

You can retrieve saved forms from local drives using Windows Desktop Search.

  1. Ensure Windows Search is enabled and indexing the location from which you wish to retrieve saved forms.
  2. Download the iFilter install here. Choose the correct version (32/64-bit) for your system. Alternatively, OyezForms v10.01b+ will have an \iFilter sub-folder in the program folder.
  3. Run the install. Adavanced users can also register the .dll manually.


Installing iFilters on a server: SharePoint 2010

Networked drives are not supported by Windows Desktop Search. You will need to configure your iFilter within amore specialised MS software, for example SharePoint.

  1. Install iFilter dll on the server, see above.
  2. In Sharepoint Central Admin, select 'Application Management', then 'Manage Service Applications'
  3. Select 'Search Service Application' , then 'File Types' under the 'Crawling' sub-heading
  4. Select 'New File Type', enter 'olf' and click OK.
  5. In Windows>Administrative Tools>Services, restart the Sharepoint Search Server service


Further iFilter information