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OyezForms Network Install

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The network install consists of installing the core application files on your network server, and subsequently attaching users to this resource. This is not a true client-server configuration, and the OyezForms process only runs in memory on the client.

For the program installation files click here.

a) Install the Core Application

  1. Ensure the end users will have sufficient rights to run OyezForms
  2. Run the network.exe and install the software to the designated network drive. No reboot is required.
  3. Decide if you wish to use OyezForms' PDF engine

b) Attach first user to configure the Core Application

  1. From the user's PC, browse to the \setup subdirectory of the Oyez program folder
  2. Run setup.exe to 'attach' the PC to OyezForms.
  3. (UAC only) Run OyezForms for the first time 'as administrator' to register certain COM components and file associations.
  4. Configure Active Library and synchronise your library of forms.
  5. Define your practice details.
  6. License your copy of OyezForms

If you are re-installing or migrating OyezForms, consider the need to rebuild your library of forms.

c) Attach subsequent users

Repeat steps b) 1 - 3, above. You can designate extra Active Library administrators by repeating step 4.

A \setup\rollout_v7.msi exists for rolling out users under Active Directory.

d) Fine-tune OyezForms to meet your requirements

Review configuartion checklist


Getting Users started gives a brief orientation for a first-time user.