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OyezForms and User Permissions

If a user does not have sufficient rights to the library folder under Program Files, then, under UAC, system virtualisation will divert resources to a users virtual store. ( C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\VirtualStore )

System requirements

OyezForms version OS requirement
12 Win7 / Win8 / Win 10
10, 11 WinXP SP3+ / VISTA / Win7 / Win8 / Win 10
9 Win2000 / WinXP / VISTA / Win7 / Win 8 / Win 10

File system rights required to run OyezForms

Rights req. Folder type Default value Registry Control
Read Application Folder c:\Program Files\Oyez\Oyez Legal Forms\ na
Full Control
Library Path See controlling the library path.
c:\Program Files\Oyez\Oyez Legal Forms\library\ HKLM/HKCU\Software\Oyez\ Oyez legal Forms\User:LibraryPath
Full Control Default save folder
Documents\My Oyez Documents\ HKCU\Software\Oyez\ Oyez legal Forms\User:StoredFilePath
Full Control Path to unique user files
Documents\My Oyez Documents\ HKCU\Software\Oyez\ Oyez legal Forms\User:Path

Registry access requirements

Full Control HKCU\Software\Oyez\    
Read HKLM\Software\Oyez\    

File Types and associations

.lfm Form template, rigid. (v9, v10) Associated with Oyezfrms.exe
.lfn Form template, expandable. (v10+) Associated with Oyezfrms.exe
.olf Saved rigid form (v9, v10) Associated with Oyezfrms.exe
.olfx Saved expandable form (v10+) Associated with Oyezfrms.exe
.olc Collection of forms (bundle of multiple forms) (v10+) Associated with Oyezfrms.exe