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The pinboard

OyezForms allows you to store and re-use frequently-used phrases via the pinboard feature. Phrases stored in the pinboard persist until you remove them.

To add a phrase to the pinboard

  1. Type the phrase in a form field. Rich formatting can be used in v10.00w+
  3. If prompted (v10.01a+) with a selection list of pinboard categories, select appropriate category.
  4. Click OK

To paste a phrase from the pinboard

  1. Position the text cursor at the point you wish to paste the stored phrase
  3. (v10.01a+) The left-hand pinboard selection panel will appear with stored phrases listed by category. You can see a full preview by hovering the cursor over each entry. (earlier versions of OyezForms will offer a simple list for selection).
  4. Click on the phrase you wish to insert. It will appear in the form.

Creating a pinboard category (v10.01a+)

Pinboard categories allow phrases to be organised by legal area, department, author etc.

  1. Follow 'To add a phrase to the pinboard', above
  2. At step 3, click on 'create new category...' button and enter a category name

Managing pinboard data (v10.01a+)

The pinboard's contents can be managed as follows

  1. Follow 'To paste a phrase from the pinboard', above
  2. At step 3, click on the 'Organise' icon in the top-left-hand corner of the pinboard selection panel
  3. The 'Pinboard Organiser' dialogue will allow you to delete phrases and categories, and to re-order phrases within a category.

Password protecting the pinboard (v10.01b+)

You can bring the pinboard under the password control setup for the ADMIN menu. Any user trying to add to, edit or manage the pinboard's content will be challanged with the Admin password prompt. To switch on the password challenge:

  1. Create a password in the ADMIN menu
  2. TOOLS>OPTIONS>DATABASE: Include Pinboard modification in password protection

The location of the pinboard

The pinboard location can either be set to a shared or user-specific path. This is set in TOOLS>OPTIONS: Path to user Files. It can also be set in the registry.

Key: HKCU\Software\Oyez\Oyez Legal Forms\User
String value: Path Contains the path to the pinboard.
Defaults to: <documents>\my oyez documents\
String value: LockAddPinboard 1 :  Include Pinboard modification in password protection - Enabled
0 :  Include Pinboard modification in password protection - Disabled

See also: controlling OyezForms via the registry