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For individual paper/PDF forms, please contact the Oyez Store by clicking here or calling 0845 217 7565.

Please note, as of 28th February 2020 we no longer accept cases raised by email; your case will not be logged and you will receive no response to your query. If you haven’t already, register for the Customer Portal: unlock a wealth of useful information and submit cases in an easier, more efficient way! Find out more here.

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Sharing OyezForms with Others

If you wish to send a copy of a form to someone without an OyezForms subscription, the following options are available.

Exporting to PDF

When installed, OyezForms also installs an integrated PDF-print engine called 'OyezForms PDF'. If this is present, OyezForms will use this to generate a PDF of the current form when the user selects FILE>EXPORT.

  • PDFs generated in this manner are 'flattened'. Any text entered into OyezForms' fill-in fields will be visible, but uneditable.
  • See also: Configuring OyezForms' PDF engine

If you prefer to use another installed PDF printer*, or wish to disable FILE>EXPORT*, then select the appropriate option in the TOOLS>OPTIONS>EXPORT dialogue. You can also re-install the local 'OyezForms PDF' printer here.

Emailing PDFs (v10.00y+)

OyezForms v10.00y+ supports one-step sending of PDF attachments in emails (requires MAPI email client). FILE>SEND, select 'Send PDF copy as PDF attachment.

  • This requires an MAPI email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird etc. Web-based email (Gmail, Hotmail etc) will not support this feature.
  • The novaPDF engine must be your default PDF enginein TOOLS>OPTIONS>EXPORT


*Selecting either of these options will prevent OyezForms from generating PDFs in response to external automation commands (e.g. from Case-management software).

The Oyez Viewer

  • NB: This facility is deprecated. Oyez may withdraw it in future.
  • Using PDFs is the recommended method of sharing forms produced in OyezForms.

Selecting FILE>SEND provides a number of options for emailing a form image in a format readable by a dedicated Oyez Viewer application for viewing/printing.

Download the Oyez Viewer here