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For individual paper/PDF forms, please contact the Oyez Store by clicking here or calling 0845 217 7565.

Please note, as of 28th February 2020 we no longer accept cases raised by email; your case will not be logged and you will receive no response to your query. If you haven’t already, register for the Customer Portal: unlock a wealth of useful information and submit cases in an easier, more efficient way! Find out more here.

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Advanced form-filling software with automatic library management. Word formats, integrated PDF, auto-calculation. Call 08450175517.

User Benefits

  • Automatic library management via 'Active Library'
  • Updates as users work, versioning allows 'overlapped' form use
  • Key forms in Word Format
  • Word-processor control for large sections of text. Details here
  • Integrated editorial service, 2000+ Forms
  • Editorial recipient list, ergonomic search, editorials in software
  • Auto-backup of Work
  • Recover auto-saved revisions of forms in progress.
  • Expanding fields
  • Large character limit, fields made expandable on request
  • Enhanced key forms
  • CLSClaims, Form E, IHT400. All forms self-calculate where required
  • Open multiple forms, Customise forms
  • Add pages, fields, text, then save for re-use.
  • Auxiliary databases
  • Practice details, LR, LA, Probate, Courts, Store your own phrases
  • Share forms in PDF Format
  • Fully integrated PDF engine
  • Free, 5-star support line

Technical Benefits

  • Schedulable library updates
  • Form library can update as a Windows Task
    Library updates as users work
    Oyez monitor failure to update
    Word templates managed by Active Library
  • Windows search integration
  • iFilters allow retrieval by form content
  • Case and Document Management compatible
  • ODMA compatible
    COM, DDE automation,
    macro scripting, trigger code from user events
    Export to PDF under automation
    Stable field labels for data targeting
  • Network optimisation
  • Server deployment
    Optional smart caching
    Msi roll-out
    Works with thin-client technologies
    WAN-specific configuration
  • Stable codebase
  • Backwards compatibility respected
    Light footprint


Case Studies

Account Win
Ward Hadaway

Account Win
Linder Myers

2000+ Forms

Automatic Updates

Enhanced Functionality

5 Star Support