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Case Study - Linder Myers
Oyez's ease-of-use was the solution for this firm following a number of mergers & acquisitions...

LM Building

The Customer

Linder Myers

United Kingdom

Legal Services

In Business
90+ years

Fee Earners

The Challenge

A series of mergers & acquisitions left the practice using 3 different, unconnected forms systems.

Our Solution

A free trial for all users throughout the group; to run alongside the other forms systems being used.

The Benefits

  • Easier Updates
  • Improved forms management capability
  • Greater efficiency over a wide area network
  • Major cost savings

The Customer

Linder Myers is an expanding UK legal practice with 7 offices across Manchester, Shropshire, Lancashire and Cheshire. The firm has an international presence as a member of Consulegis, a network of law firms with more than 1,700 lawyers in over 150 cities across the world.

The prime objective of this practice is to provide the highest quality legal services to both individuals and businesses and to build enduring client relationships. To do this, Linder Myers engages highly skilled lawyers who show a firm commitment to meeting clients’ expectations and needs.

Linder Myers offers an extensive range of legal services to both private individuals and commercial organisations. Its specialist areas of expertise include medical negligence, personal injury, family, residential conveyancing, employment, trusts & estates and commercial litigation.

Reflecting its high levels of expertise, a number of Linder Myers lawyers have been accepted onto various Regulatory Authority panels. The firm is also accredited by the Law Society in both Personal Injury and Medical Negligence.

With Lexel and Investors In People accreditations, and a very impressive commitment to the principle of corporate social responsibility, this firm strives to be totally ethical in all of its dealings and to make a positive contribution to the communities in which it operates.

Oyez won our business on usability, flexibility and Cost

Peter Jones, Head of IT - Linder Myers

The Challenge

Linder Myers is an expanding law firm. Several mergers and acquisitions fuelled this growth and allowed the business to expand beyond its original office in central Manchester. As is always the case, this expansion led to challenges. The firm found it was working with a total of 3 different forms systems, across a network of branch offices. Realising that, even in the short term, this was inefficient and costly in terms of time and resources, alternatives were sought.

At the end of 2011 Linder Myers was also implementing a new document management system and working on a Citrix upgrade. It was the perfect time to compare features and costs and to decide which forms system would offer the greatest benefits to everyone within the Linder Myers’ group of offices.

The Oyez Forms system works far more efficiently on a wide area network

Peter Jones, Head of IT - Linder Myers

The Solution

Peter Jones, Head of IT - Linder Myers
Peter Jones, Head of IT - Linder Myers

Peter Jones, Head of Linder Myers’ IT department, reported that he was not entirely happy with the forms package that was being supplied by a large UK legal software provider. The system’s instability meant that forms delivery was not always reliable and the updating feature was time-consuming and inefficient. Oyez Forms was supplying one of the firms that merged with Linder Myers. Users reported that they found the forms easy to use and this triggered a further investigation into the benefits of the Oyez package.

After an initial meeting, it was agreed that Oyez would implement a company-wide free trial period set up to run simultaneously with the 2 other packages being used. This offered Linder Myers the advantage of the time it needed to thoroughly investigate the advanced features of the Oyez Forms package and to integrate the forms into its Document Management workflow.

The Benefits

Oyez won the business on usability, flexibility and cost

Peter Jones, Head of IT - Linder Myers

"Oyez won the business on usability, flexibility and cost" reports Peter Jones. "To start with, it works far more efficiently over a wide area network. Their solution is ideal for a firm like ours with several branches and plans for additional locations in the future. Meeting our multiple office requirements means greater efficiency because we can now control the package from our head office in Manchester. In addition, form updates are now simple and straightforward – no more worries about having to log everyone out of the system whenever an update is required across all of our sites."

Peter says that cost was also a consideration in the purchase decision. "We didn’t base our final conclusions on cost but the fact that we saved 1000’s of pounds certainly was an influence. To have a better package, for less money, seemed a win-win proposition to us"

Linder Myers form users report that they prefer the simplicity of the Oyez package.

They find its ease-of-use and intuitive navigation have helped reduce the time they spend filling in forms. Even simple features like the ability to open multiple forms at the same time, to instantly email PDF versions or to access forms in Word format offer worthwhile efficiency benefits

To have a better package, for less money, seemed a win-win proposition to us

Peter Jones, Head of IT - Linder Myers