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Case Study - Ward Hadaway
A no-obligation trial gave Ward Hadaway the support they needed to choose a more efficient forms system...

Ward Hadaway Building

The Customer

Ward Hadaway

United Kingdom

Legal Services


Fee Earners

The Challenge

Eliminating the downtime and interruptions caused by regular form updates and decreasing the load on internal servers, computers and IT resources.

Our Solution

A free, no-obligation Oyez Forms trial to allow the practice to make an informed decision on switching their forms supplier.

The Benefits

  • A lighter load on technical infrastructure
  • Improved processing speed across all offices
  • No-hassle automatic updates
  • Access to forms in Word Format
  • Ease-of-use
  • Relevant, time-saving features
  • Worthwhile cost savings

The Customer

Ward Hadaway is a UK Top 100 law firm with offices in Newcastle, Leeds and Manchester. Offering a full range of expert legal services, they are one of the fastest growing firms outside of London. The legal industry guide, Chambers & Partners, rates this practice 'amongst the top-rated UK law firms with a substantial client base of regional, national and international organisations'.

The Oyez Forms package is impressively compact and it does its job very, very well.

Jamie Martin, Ward Hadaway

The Challenge

Ward Hadaway was using a forms solutions provided by a large UK legal software supplier. Grey Taylor, Head of IT at Ward Hadaway, recalls that the software was getting bulkier all the time and that the load on practice servers and PCs was becoming progressively heavier.

In addition, he was finding that the delivery of new forms and updates was very disruptive to the firm’s workflow; "Every time a new or rebuilt form was added the forms menu would start rebuilding the next time everyone logged into the system. This was taking a considerable amount of time and becoming extremely inefficient."

"Early in 2012 I heard that Oyez had released an innovative new forms package that offered an opportunity to solve the issues that we were wrestling with. I thought it was worth an investigation."

Your technical team has been a great support throughout. They answer calls quickly and take pride in resolving any issues immediately.

Jamie Martin, Ward Hadaway

The Solution

Jamie Martin, Head of IT - Ward Hadaway

Ward Hadaway was offered a free, no-obligation unlimited Oyez Forms trial, set up to run simultaneously with the forms software they were using at the time. This trial period allowed them to accurately assess the functionality and features of the forms in their own environment and at their own pace. Oyez feel that form trials are vital in allowing potential customers to make an informed decision on switching providers.

The 3-month notice period demanded by their current supplier was quickly coming due and Ward Hadaway knew they would have to move relatively quickly. Technical teams at Oyez and Ward Hadaway worked together to ensure all forms were correctly integrated into the document management system - Filesite. Following this, bespoke product features, an enhanced search facility and selected Word versions of the forms were incorporated into the package before it was rolled out across the firm.

Greg Taylor reports that the transition progressed very smoothly. "I was impressed with how quickly the project moved from starting point to completion. It was a very straightforward package to load onto PCs and the forms are so easy to use that only a short conversion course was required to ensure users were comfortable."

The Benefits

Saving money was not what we set out to do, but as it happens we did save quite a substantial sum and we are very pleased to have done so.

Jamie Martin, Ward Hadaway

The forms solution that Oyez delivered addressed all of the key challenges faced by Ward Hadaway. Specifically, with a much lighter footprint, Oyez has reduced the load on Ward Hadaway's infrastructure significantly. "In addition, the Oyez 'Active Library' feature has allowed them to set their update schedule so that form updates happen without the long load times whenever a new form is installed." Installing the technology that would overcome the problems previously experienced by Ward Hadaway was a straightforward process. What is more interesting is the unexpected benefits that form users have identified now that they are using Oyez Forms regularly.

The feedback has been very positive reports Grey Taylor. "There were the usual problems of familiarity in the first few days but now that everyone is using the system they find it a much more efficient way of working. I have had many comments about how simple the system is to use and how impressed users are by the easily accessible time-saving features".

"The built-in PDF exporter for instance, is a huge help in terms of efficiency and it perfectly complements the way we work in the real world. The new 'send PDF' function automatically opens Outlook and attaches the PDF document to an email with one click. That was an unexpected bonus. Another very clever feature is the pinboard. The simple concept of storing regularly used clauses and standard text and then pinning them into a document whenever required is brilliant. Fee earners also love the pre-configured practice details (for each site) that automatically flow into forms whenever required. These features may appear simple but I believe they have saved our fee earners hours of time".

Demand on our internal IT resource has been reduced, giving us invaluable time to complete more pressing tasks.

Jamie Martin, Ward Hadaway